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Speech Therapy

Young college student tutoring an older classmate.

Some diseases affect the verbal abilities of a person, like autism and cerebral palsy. Sometimes, it is the speech and hearing capabilities that are directly impaired. In other circumstances, speech impairments are caused by old age and other traumatic events or injuries.

Whatever the cause may be, one thing is for sure. Speech is very important and it has to be treated if it is impaired. A&A Reliable Home Health Care, LLC provides the following speech therapy services:

  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive Skills Evaluation
  • Communication Skills Evaluation
  • Comprehension Skills Assessments
  • Sensory Skills Assessments
  • Speech Articulation Exercises
  • Swallowing Exercises
  • Voice Delay/ Disorder Treatment

Stuttering, stammering, lisping, slight deafness, hoarseness and other verbal problems should not be taken for granted. They could have underlying severe issues and have immense effects on the person affected.

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